Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I get started without having to pay for an account
    The good news is that you do not have to pay to try out this service! If you click on the sign up section, you will find there are various levels of accounts, and to try the service for no charge, simply select the "free" account option. The free account is an excellent way for you to get familiarized with the functions of the service and determine if it is right for you and your business without any financial commitment.
  2. What are the payment options if I choose to sign up for a paid account
    If you choose to either sign up or upgrade to a higher level paid account, we offer a very simple and secure billing process. To have a paid account, we require credit card information, and the subscription is on a monthly basis. However, there is no need to go through the hassle of making a payment every month; this is taken care of automatically.
  3. How do I cancel my subscription for a paid account
    Canceling a paid account is simple. Just go to the "Manage Account" section of your user interface and select the option to downgrade to a free account. The subscription is paid for the month in advance so you will be able to continue using your paid account until the end of the month.
  4. How do I log in to
    While creating an account, you will not only create a user name and password, but you will also select a sub domain that will act as part of your URL. To find your log in page, simply type your sub domain followed by and it will prompt you to input your log in info.
  5. Does provide a customer billing service
    No. is not a billing software and it will not act as a substitute for the way you currently keep your books. This service is designed to manage many aspects of your business and is an invaluable asset with regard to other administrative spheres of activity. However, financial records are not meant to be kept on this system, even though you can use it as a reference for the accuracy and consistency of financial records, it should not be the primary source of such records.
  6. How many inhouse jobs can I create with the free account
    The free account allows 10 inhouse jobs to be created. If more are required, please upgrade your account. Any account type above free will not limit how many jobs that can be created.