Terms and Conditions of Use

Please review the terms and conditions provided below for your careful consideration before using these services. These terms are legally binding and you must agree with them in their entirety before using the services provided by Wheresmyjob.com A J6 Designs Company.

In these terms, Wheresmyjob.com A J6 Designs Company will be nominally referred to as Wheresmyjob; you, subscribers, and other customers of Wheresmyjob will be referred to as Users or the User (you). All content made available to the User such as graphics, designs, marks, wording, programming, and software, as it is used for the creation and operation of services, is the property of Wheresmyjob, and is thus protected by U.S. and international copyright laws.

Wheresmyjob is not responsible for user content. User content includes, but is not limited to, such things as registration information, billing details, graphics, and other data that is recorded and transferred in the normal operations of providing the services. Wheresmyjob retains absolute discretion over the methods and scope of what is included in providing the service, as it pertains to the transfer, copying, deleting, or maintenance of user content. Wheresmyjob is not liable for the authorized or unauthorized use of user content by any third party which has either voluntarily or involuntarily been provided with such access by the user him/her self.

Limited Protections of User Content

We do not claim any ownership rights over the User Content, but we do require that, by agreeing to these terms, you agree to give up any such rights that would prevent Wheresmyjob from legally providing its Services, either now or in the future. The use of User Content in the normal operations of Wheresmyjob is protected by these terms, which includes but is no limited to, transferring, copying, posting, reporting, organizing, scheduling, and general administration of both user and staff accounts. Wheresmyjob retains full discretion over what is defined in these terms as the normal operations required in the provision of Services; therefore, User Content is only protected insofar that such protections do not interfere or prohibit Wheresmyjob from legally using the User Content for the administration and performance of services (normal operation). By agreeing to these terms, the User is licensing all User Content that they either upload or input to Wheresmyjob for the use by Wheresmyjob in the operation of the website and provision of services. Furthermore, you (the User) also avow that all User Content provided to Wheresmyjob is within your right and control to do so. In agreeing to these terms, you also accept full legal liability for any damages or harm which is caused by the activities of Wheresmyjob in disseminating, copying, posting, or transferring such User Content under the operation and provision of Services by Wheresmyjob. By the terms of this agreement, all User Content that is provided to Wheresmyjob by you (the User) is licensed to Wheresmyjob by the User with the legally binding assertion, on the part of the User (you), that the User Content provided will not bring any harm to any individual or organization while being used by Wheresmyjob for the provision of services and normal operation. All User Content which is intended for use by other participating entities ( for example, if you are a broker, you will submit Content to Wheresmyjob for review by a vendor) is a strictly protected right of Wheresmyjob; and this right is also transferred, according to the terms of this agreement, to all such participating entities which are involved with the services provided by Wheresmyjob. For example, as a broker, you will be extending the license to copy, transfer, redraw, etc. all graphics to the intended vendor. Furthermore, Wheresmyjob is not responsible for the effects of any unintended transfer of User Content between you and the parties involved under the normal operating procedures of Wheresmyjob. Full discretion is reserved by Wheresmyjob to determine both the normal operating procedures and the appropriate parties involved in providing a particular service.

Limited Content License to the User (You)

As a User, you are granted a revocable, non-transferrable, and non-exclussive license to use the content made available to you through Wheresmyjob services in the appropriate manner for personal use only. Any activities on the part of the User with the content made available through Wheresmyjob which are either illegal or damaging to any individuals or entities is in no way protected by the terms of this agreement. This limited licensing is only conditionally extended to the User for legal, non-damaging, personal use. By agreeing to this contract, the User is legally bound to use the content made available on Wheresmyjob in a way that is non-harmful, legal, and abiding by all applicable laws and regulations. Any violation of this agreement represents an immediate termination of all rights to the use of Wheresmyjob Content. This agreement in no way should be construed as a protection or endorsement of the use of Wheresmyjob Content, by authorized or unauthorized users, in any act that violates the restricted use of Wheresmyjob Content by you (the User). Furthermore, this limited license for the use of Wheresmyjob Content is in no way conferring any intelecutal property rights to the User.

Limits of User Interactive Features

Part of the services provided by Wheresmyjob involves the coordinating and facilitation of data transfer and communication between various Users. These interactive features provided by Wheresmyjob include but are not limited to: data posting on the job time line; uploading of any images, graphics, designs, videos, text etc; transfers of any data through email which has been facilitated by Wheresmyjob etc. You, as the User of such interactive features provided by Wheresmyjob, represent and warrant that you are solely responsible for any harm that may be incurred or received through the use of the interactive features as a User of Wheresmyjob. Any information shared through the interactive features is considered non-confidential and this agreement does not protect you or any other party involved from legal liability for your activities with the interactive features. Furthermore, Wheresmyjob cannot be held liable for any harm that use of the interactive features by you (the User) may cause you or any other entity or organization according to the terms of this agreement. This agreement prohibits you (the User) from utilizing the interactive features of Wheresmyjob in your capacity to upload, transfer, email, or disseminate data of any kind or format with the following content:

  • ***Any form of data transmission or sharing that is obscene, suggestive, fraudulent, defamatory, libelous, and otherwise unlawful.
  • ***Content that would be considered as a violation of any federal, state, or local ordinance or law.

  • ***Content that may violate any copyright, trademark, or proprietary rights.
 ***Content that is misleading as to your association with any other person or entity.

  • ***Content that shares information which is personally identifiable of any third party like name, phone number, address, credit card number etc.

Security of Sensitive User Information

Wheresmyjob does its best to provide a secure and safe service for its customers. For instance, credit card and other billing information that is provided by you is kept in either an encrypted or password protected data base which is unaccessible, in theory, to unauthorized users. All billing information is processed through a third party service (paypal) which is a reputable and secure online payment service. However, according to the terms of this agreement, we do not guarantee the security of User content; and the User uses the system with acceptance of all risks involved with the inherent vulnerability of online data transfer. The reason Wheresmyjob cannot guarantee or accept liability for secure information is that, no matter how many security precautions Wheresmyjob takes to protect User information, there are always ways to circumvent those protections to allow unauthorized entities access to sensitive User information. The User releases Wheresmyjob from any liability for the effects of the unauthorized use of secure User information according to the terms of this agreement.


Even though Wheresmyjob expends considerable effort to provide an error free service Wheresmyjob does not guarantee the truthfulness, correctness, validity, chronological correctness, completeness, or reliability of any content that you the User have access to on Wheresmyjob. According to the terms of this agreement, the User (you) release Wheresmyjob from any liability for any damages caused  by the use of content on the Wheresmyjob website. By agreeing to these terms, the User accepts full responsibility for the consequences of the use of Wheresmyjob content. Furthermore, Wheresmyjob does not warrant or represent either explicitly or implicitly that the use of Wheresmyjob content or services will not cause damages or harm to either the User or an other affected third party. For example, Wheresmyjob is not responsible for any (including but not limited to) damages caused by either: inaccurate scheduling information, or viruses which may be contracted through the use of Wheresmyjob.

Limited Liability of Wheresmyjob

By agreeing to these terms, the User is relinquishing any and all legal rights or recourse to hold Wheresmyjob, its affiliates, parent company, employees, or owners (Protected Parties) liable for any harm either directly or indirectly incurred from use of Wheresmyjob services, access to Wheresmyjob content, or any contact with its employees or owners. This release of liability applies without limit to all of the above mentioned Protected Parties and strictly prohibits you (the User) from bringing against them any claims, allegations, or assertions of wrongdoing. It is important for the User to understand that they use the services and content of Wheresmyjob at their own risk and will have no legal or alternative recourse to bring a claim or suit against the Protected Parties for any loss or harm that the User (you) may experience through your use of Wheresmyjob services. According to the terms of this agreement, you (the User) agree to hold harmless the Protected Parties from any liabilities, damages, claims, and proceedings that may come about as a result of your use of Wheresmyjob services, content, or other activities.

Legal Considerations

By agreeing to these terms, you limiting the venue of conflict resolution to Ontario, California; and only the applicable laws of this venue apply to any interaction between you and Wheresmyjob. Both Wheresmyjob and you (the User) agree to limit all resolutions to this venue for the purpose of establishing a predictable legal environment that will benefit all parties involved. 

If any elements of this agreement are found to be void, unenforceable, or unlawful in any way, every other element will remain unchanged and valid. Any element is considered severable from the whole and all of the elements that remain will retain validity and full force of their previous enforceability prior to the voiding of any particular element.

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